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Russell Brand’s Revolution FAQ

In case you’re getting distracted and/or confused by some bullshit stories in the media bashing Russell Brand’s current crusade, I’ve detailed the main things you need to know about his message here. After releasing his latest book, Revolution, Brand has been loud about trying to change the world for the better. It’s a pretty important cause, largely because of all the planet destroying, greed, war, rape and widespread pedophilia by high-profile politicians that’s going on. The comedian/activist speaks live at Trew Musings events in London every now and again, one of which I went to on Monday, March 9, and recorded the things you’ll read below.

How do we tune out the desire for things capitalism tells us we need?

“The function of desire is to not let [our bodies] die, but now we are in paradise; we are fed, we have shelter, everything is cool, it’s okay, but still the desire atavistically lingers. So we have to learn to have a new relationship with desire if we don’t want to live like animals. If we’re all experiencing the same palate of emotions, if we are all frightened, if we all don’t think we’re good enough, why are we conflicted with one another, when we could be focusing our energy on continuing to evolve? We have to learn that we’ve all got jealousy, anger and pride, and we have to learn to negotiate with these things, and cultivate this other voice that knows what happiness is, what beauty is, that senses it moment to moment. [Others] are human beings like me, need love like me, are frightened like me, are learning like me, going to die like me, distracted like me, lied to like me, looking for things that aren’t going to solve the problem, like me. Everyone is getting fucked by the same 85 people. So why would we settle from some dumb narrative of individualism and materialism, the most basic frequency level of our existence? I’m not satisfied. There’s more, I know there’s more, and I don’t want to be lied to anymore.”

But why do we pursue fame/money?

“You know that if you get a better job, the right sexual partner, it’s not really the answer, but you’re still going to pursue it because biological drives line up with cultural imperative and incentives. When those two things act in cognition with one another, you can’t think straight. That’s why prayer and meditation is important because it helps you cultivate a relationship with the aspect of your consciousness and yourself that is not wedded to materialism, individuals and sensory information. Through prayer and meditation you become awakened in a different way. The question is not: is there god? The question is: is there suffering? Yes, get on with it, you’ll feel better because your life now isn’t a complete waste of time, because you’re helping people.”

Can we still wear Nike trainers and use our iPhones?

“Hypocrisy is another one of the weapons they use to stymie change. Don’t ever worry about bullshit, don’t ever worry about it or get confused about it. There’s nothing wrong with us having technology, we just need to collectivise Apple and have it owned by the people that run it and the people that manufacture the products should be paid properly, and live in fair conditions. Don’t worry about whether it’s right to wear Nike shoes, we’ll take Nike.”

Why shouldn’t we vote?

“The system is rigged, it’s not about individuals, we need massive systematic change. I’m not talking about bedroom tax, I want my planet back. [I’m more about] empowering people immediately, for direct action, completely outside of the parameters of the accepted system. The people that are in parliamentary systems of corporate power don’t want things to change because for them its working, you’re not going to get fuck all out of them, they are happy, it’s got to come from us, upward, at them, pressure. And that’s why I don’t agree with any of their systems or politeness.”

When will Revolution happen and what will it look like?

“In 20 years, it will have happened, the day will have come. But it’s going to be chaotic. If you’re part of an anarchic collective where everyone gets to debate on what happens, it takes ages, it’s boring, but we’ll have to do it. Fuck knows how I envisage it, but with people engaged and participating, that’s what we want, for people to participate. We’re going to let people do what they are going to do in organised collectives that are fully autonomous, fully self supportive, entirely free, accepting matters affecting other collectives, or the planet as a whole. No one can make profit from their use of resource, and we’ll regulate big corporations that are mining the planet. There is loads of money, all we need to do is a little bit of sharing.”


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