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My beginnings

In August 2011 I’d just completed my first year at Lancaster University and was in London for a work experience placement, when I came across an article in the Guardian. It was headlined:

“Read all about it! Smart boy or girl wanted as apprentice”

Janet Murray, a freelance education journalist was looking for a protegee. Someone to work directly under her helping research, write and interview. It was a huge opportunity for a wannabe journo to be trained on the job and I immediately though; ‘That’s mine.’ Naturally, I applied.

Fast forward a few weeks spent in a constant state of anxiety, two assessment days in Harlow in Essex and a one on one interview with Murray herself. Then I got it. My sister cried, my mum cried, my Twitter followers doubled in the space of an hour – it was a great day. I went back home feeling like my life had finally begun, packed all my things and moved to London.

So here it begins. My apprenticeship ends at the end of June 2012 when I will be a wannabe hack with no degree but plenty of drive, determination and fingers crossed, lots of contacts, a good sized portfolio and tons of hands on experience. I’m going to use this blog to publish all sorts to do with my apprenticeship, my struggles and hopefully some triumphs too. There will be some advice and tips that I hope will help young people to go out and get that dream job. I am a true believer,  that if you really really want something and are prepared to do everything in your power to get it – you will. Stay tuned.


About Rhian Jones

I am a freelance music business journalist based in London. My career began when I saw an apprenticeship with freelance education journalist Janet Murray advertised in the Guardian. I applied, and after a gruelling two-day Alan Sugar style assessment, got the job, quit university and relocated to London to pursue my dream of a career in the media. The apprenticeship ended on a high when I secured my first journalism job at Music Week. I spent my week days writing news stories, interviewing and learning all about the fast paced nature of putting together a weekly magazine, all while gaining invaluable insight into the inner workings of the music business. After three years and a few promotions, I left my position as news editor to go freelance in 2015. Alongside two regular gigs as London correspondent for US trade rag Hits, and contributing editor for Music Business Worldwide, I've written for publications including Company, Grazia, The Sunday Telegraph, the Guardian, The Independent, Music Ally, Billboard, The Journalist and Music Teacher.

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  1. Enjoy your posts, blogs etc, and i love your writing style. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures in journalism!

  2. Thank you for reading Wendy! More to come..

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